Hollow Wall Anchors

Hollow Wall Anchors are specialized with sleeves that provide a more secured hold in light-duty applications when compared to nails and screws. The flanged prongs even restrict any rotation of the hollow wall anchor during assembly. Designed for installation within hollow walls such as drywall and wood paneling, these anchors are built with a shell made of C1008-1010 or equivalent cold-rolled steel material, and paired with a carbon steel screw offering a minimum tensile strength of 60,000 psi. Standard hollow wall anchors require a pre-drilled hole for assembly and are stocked in a vast selection of sizes and styles including extra short, short, long, and extra-long measurements. Our Drive Style Hollow Wall Anchor offers a sharp point that is capable of penetrating drywall or sheetrock and has a steel zinc finish for better corrosion resistance. Also available, Kaptoggle Hollow Wall Anchors are specially designed to allow shorter screws to be used in toggle fastening. Kaptoggle anchors are steel zinc plated with nylon straps and are stocked for two size groups (3/6, 10-24 and ¼, ¼-20). For proper assembly, insert the Kaptoggle into a pre-drilled hole and hold the strap, then pull until the metal piece is snug with the wall, slide a washer so that the rim is fully inside the hole, and snap off the straps and insert/ fasten down the screw to complete the assembly.

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