Electronic Hardware

Electronic hardware are fasteners intended for metal panel-to-panel applications and well suited for circuit boards and electrical components. Electronic hardware is designed to perform well in high temperatures and come in different styles depending on the application. Available and ready-to-ship in a variety of sizes. Browse our selection of electronic hardware for your building projects and industrial applications.

Here at BW Industrial Sales, your satisfaction is our number one priority! If you have any questions about electronic hardware or any other manufacturing parts and tooling, please contact our experienced and qualified BW Industrial Sales staff; or call us at 626-358-1836 for an immediate response.

Clinch Nuts:  Metric self-clinching nuts are round, internally threaded, with a shank protruding from the center and a knurled clinching ring surrounding the shank. Designed for use in thin sheet metal when load bearing threads are necessary. 

Clinch Studs:  Metric self-clinching studs are fasteners with a unified thread pitch and a cylindrical, low profile head with small, rectangular ribs protruding from the underside of the head. The top of the head is flat and is flush with the mating surface when installation is complete. Used in assembly with a metric nut to secure the self-clinching stud from the back.

Hex Male-Female Standoffs:  Hex male-female standoffs are a hex shaped, mechanical device which has an opening with a partial internal thread at one end and an externally threaded post at the opposite end. Designed to hold two components at a given distance from each other.

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