Sealants & Adhesives

BW Industrial Sales offers a comprehensive line of sealants and adhesives for all bonding applications. Sealants and Adhesives allow capabilities such as bonding virtually any combination of materials, permanently locking fasteners and parts,  and protecting materials from damage when replacing fasteners.  Sealants and Adhesives can increase the production time process and can be used in many other specialized applications throughout the manufacturing industry. 

If you have any questions or concerns about sealants and adhesives or would like us to source a special part for you, please contact our experienced and qualified staff or call us at 626-358-1836.

Available Sealants & Adhesives

Gasket Flange Sealants

The Flexible Gasketmaker is a smooth purple paste designed to cure once mated between two parts. Gasket flange sealants have great resistance to shrinking and cracking. Without activator, the paste will cure within 1 hour; For full cure strength allow 12 hours. 

“Instant” Superglues

Our Instant Superglues come in a variety of viscosity rates for all your applications needs. All superglues consist of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate for the strongest hold. Low viscosity - instant superglue is perfect for general purpose applications; Low to medium viscosity - instant superglue for bonding metal surfaces has a fast fixture hold within 20-40 seconds; Low to medium viscosity – instant superglue for bonding plastics and rubber have a quick fixture hold within 15-40 seconds; Non-drip gel is available for porous surfaces and will even hold from running on a vertical application with a fast fixture time of 30-70 seconds; Surface Insensitive gel is also available for vertically bonding wood, leather, cardboard and other difficult substrates with a quick fixture hold of 30-70 seconds. We recommend a 24 hour period to allow a full strength cure for all instant superglues.

Retaining Compounds

Retaining compounds are a single component anaerobic resin (green) that are for cylindrical assemblies to increase mechanical strength. High strength retaining compounds are perfect for bonding rigid applications with a viscosity rating of 100-500 cps, and offering a fast fixture hold within 10 minutes of applying. Very high strength retaining compounds are great for bonding wheels, gears, cam collars, pulleys, flywheels, rotors to shafts and other assemblies. The very high resin strength offers a viscosity rating of 900-1,500 cps while providing a quick fixture hold within 20-40 minutes. For a full-strength cure, we recommend 24 hours for all retaining compounds.

Sealants for Pipes & Fittings

High pressure sealants (Brown) for pipes and fittings are non-shrink, high shock and vibration resistant providing a very strong hydraulic sealant. Medium strength anaerobic offers a high-pressure sealant for pneumatic fittings. Also, available in stock, is a slow curing (24 hours for full strength) instant pipe sealant with Teflon (White) that also allows for easy disassembling.

Thread Locking & Sealing Adhesives

Low strength (purple), medium strength (blue), high strength (red), and very high strength (red, diameters 1” and greater) thread locking & sealing adhesives are ready-to-ship for all your permanent assembly needs.


Vibratite is a coating for threaded fasteners that provides a locking seal within seconds of applying.

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