Anchor Fasteners

Industrial anchors are used to attach various materials to stone, concrete, block, or another rigid base. Anchor bolts, threaded anchors, and other anchor types provide a secure hold for any application. The exact specifications and usage for an anchor fastener will vary depending on your application.

BW Industrial Sales carries a vast selection of anchors—including toggle bolts, plastic anchors, and nylon anchorsanchor kits, and anchor tools. We’ll help you find the right fit for your specific application needs.


Stocked Industrial Anchors

Available Anchors & Concrete Fasteners

Concrete Anchor Screws

Concrete screws cut their own thread into a pre-drilled pilot hold for applications needing strong fastening.

Single or Double Expansion Shield Anchors

Expansion shield anchors feature internal threads and are designed for concrete, brick, block, and stone applications.

Drop-In Anchors 

Used in concrete applications, drop-in anchors have internal threads and are mounted flush to the surface.

Hammer Drive Anchors

A light-duty anchor that is permanently mounted to the material’s surface to prevent tampering.

Drywall Anchors

A sleeve-type anchor that gives a stronger hold than nails and screws for drywall and wood paneling materials.

Lag Screw Shields

Threaded expansion anchors designed for medium-duty applications in concrete or the mortar joints of brick.

Lead Wood Screw Anchors

Used in light-duty applications with wood screw threaded fasteners in concrete, brick, and drywall materials.

Machine Screw Anchors

Short anchors perfect for shallow hole applications in concrete, brick, block, or stone.

Plastic Anchors

Primarily used for light-duty applications. Many style options are available, including conical plastic anchors, tubular plastic anchors, and others.

Sleeve Anchors

Installed into pre-drilled holes in concrete or masonry applications. Acorn, hex nut, flathead, and round heads are available.

Split Drive Anchors

A one-piece expansion anchor built for concrete, brick, or stone applications.


Gravity-operated anchors for secure applications in hollow walls.

Toggle Anchors

Built for most hollow material applications and includes strap toggle anchors, toggle bolts, toggle wings, Kaptoggle®, and plastic toggle anchors.

Wallboard Anchors

Self-drilling “one-step” light-duty anchors that are designed for wallboard.

Wedge Anchor bolt 

Heavy-duty anchors designed for concrete applications requiring a strong and secure hold.


Industrial Anchor Fastener Features

We stock heavy-duty anchors and construction fasteners for a wide range of applications, industries, and specifications. If you don’t see an anchor or anchor bolt that fits your project’s requirements, we also offer custom manufactured options. Our off-the-shelf industrial anchor fasteners feature:

  • Blue Ruspert, plain, clear zinc, or yellow zinc finishes

  • Nylon, plastic, steel, or 18-8 stainless steel materials

  • A wide range of diameters

  • 6-24 threads per inch

In addition to threaded anchors and construction fasteners, we also offer a variety of setting tools and anchor kits.


Applications for Heavy-Duty Anchors & Construction Fasteners

Anchors in the fastener industry are available in a wide variety of types and styles due to the vast amount of application needs. Anchor bolts can be light-duty and used for attaching fixtures to a hollow wall. They may also be used for heavy-duty structural applications, such as connecting elements to solid concrete, brick, block, or stone.


Wholesale VMI Solutions for Heavy Duty Industrial Anchors

BW Industrial Sales offers VMI solutions to make your life and inventory management easier. We install a vending machine within your workplace that is stocked with all your industrial material needs, providing anchors to rivets to custom manufactured products and beyond. This system helps keep your industrial space organized and ensures that you never run out of stock.

To learn more about our inventory management solutions or industrial anchors from BW Industrial Sales, contact us or request a quote today!

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