Rivets, Rods, Struts & Studs

Rivets, rods, struts, and studs are all varieties of metal pin used to permanently fasten two plates of metal or other material together, such as in the framing of modern aircraft. These heavy-duty, industrial fasteners come in a variety of configurations, are easy to use, and are constructed of long-lasting and sturdy materials, including:
  • Grade B7 Alloy
  • Nylon
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
BW Industrial Sales carries an extensive inventory of the most dependable rivets, rods, struts, and studs. Our qualified and experienced staff will assist you with any questions, concerns, or requests for product information regarding our stock, from stainless steel rivets to hex bolts to cage nuts and beyond.

Stocked Rivets, Rods, Struts & Studs

Available Rivets, Rods, Struts & Studs

Tool and Tool Parts

We offer light-duty and heavy-duty rivet handguns along with replacement gun parts, such as jaws, nose pieces, and shafts.

Standard Blind Rivets

Also called pop rivets, these threaded rivets are ideal for applications where only one side is accessible. Heads include countersunk, dome head, and large head styles.

3-Star™ Bulb Type Rivets

Bulb type rivets better increase the load capacity by utilizing three folded legs. They are suited for softer surfaces and provide resistance to vibrations.

Blind Threaded Inserts

Once installed, blind threaded inserts provide strong and durable threads for mating fasteners in applications that involve thin material.

Drive Pin Rivets

Drive pin rivets are a type of blind rivet with a smaller mandrel than standard. Head types include brazier, masonry brazier, countersunk, linear, flat, mushroom, round, truss, and universal. When installed by hammer, the drive pin rivet ends flare out to provide a secure hold.

Multi-Grip Rivets

Multi-grip rivets are capable of a wider expansion on the blind end of the rivet. This expansion allows for greater pressure and makes multi-grip rivets well-suited for a variety of material thicknesses.

Structural Rivets

Structural rivets are a type of blind rivet manufactured to be stronger, sturdier, and more reliable than the standard. Structural rivets are suited for one-sided applications and be made from aluminum, steel, or 18-8 stainless steel.

Threaded Rod

Fully threaded rods are best used in tension applications. Used throughout most industries, threaded rods are commonly paired with a nut in a tapped hole or with two nuts. Our threaded rod stock includes aluminum, Grade B7, steel, and stainless steel materials.

Broaching-Type, Phos Bronze

This externally threaded fastener is embedded into the desired material, often sheet metal, and features a very thin head to achieve low profiles. These fasteners work as solderable connectors.

Continuous Thread Stud

These threaded studs provide great strength in tension applications, offer great torque value, and meet all grade requirements. Many different materials, finishes, diameters, and threads per inch are available.

Self-Clinching Studs

Self-clinching studs have small ribs under the head to provide a locking action after installation into a drilled or punched hole. The thin head allows for a clean and flush finish. Metric and imperial sizes are available.

Custom Heavy-Duty Fasteners for Any Application

No matter your industry or planned application, we have the structural rivets, rods, struts, and studs that you need to get your job done. Our heavy-duty fasteners have been widely used throughout virtually every industry, including:
  • Military & Defense
  • Xtreme Sports
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • And many others.
If one of our standard threaded inserts do not meet your specifications, we provide custom manufacturing services to satisfy even the strictest requirement. With over 100 years of combined design and manufacturing experience, our team will create a fastener solution for your industrial application.

VMI Wholesale Solutions for Threaded Inserts & Rivets

You need the right rivet, rod, strut, or stud available to you at the exact moment that you need it. To help your manufacturing processes move efficiently and ensure you never run out of stock again, we offer cutting-edge, fully customized VMI solutions to meet the demands of your specific workplace. We handle everything from placing orders to delivery.

At BW Industrial Sales, we are committed to providing the best industrial rivets, rods, struts, studs, and other heavy-duty fasteners alongside our high-quality customer service. To get started with your threaded insert order or to discuss your VMI needs, request a quote today. If you have further questions, contact us.

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