Plastic & Nylon Anchors

Wall anchors, also called expansion anchors or wall plugs, are an ideal solution when an object must be mounted on a wall that does not have a stud in the correct place. Anchors and anchor kits are perfect for light-duty applications and are primarily used with tapping or wood screws. They are installed into hollow wall, block, brick, concrete, or tile.

BW Industrial Sales is your top supplier of plastic anchors, nylon wall plugs, and anchor kits to match any requirement. We offer discounted overstock anchors, volume price adjustments, and custom manufacturing capabilities. From specialty projects to budget considerations, BW Industrial Sales is here to support your business. Call 626-358-1836 to learn more!

Are Plastic Wall Plugs or Nylon Wall Plugs Better for my Application?

Nylon and plastic wall anchors for concrete and other surfaces are suitable for a range of applications. A few examples include:
  • Industrial or commercial construction
  • Adding lightweight decorative elements for aesthetic appeal
  • Hanging pictures
  • And much more!
However, not all wall plugs are created equal, and the needs of your application will dictate if plastic or nylon is better for your planned use.

When to Use Plastic Anchors

Plastic wall anchors are usually installed into buildings or residential homes made primarily with drywall. They are cost-effective and versatile components that make hanging objects quick and easy, protecting your walls and other surfaces. Many sizes and configurations are available in bulk to meet your needs, including:

When to Use Nylon Anchors

Nylon anchors are a great choice for hanging applications that require more holding force than is offered by plastic wall plugs. Nylon adds durability, vibration resistance, and excellent performance in various temperatures. To match your specifications, BW Industrial Sales offers several nylon wall plug options, such as:

How to Install Wall Anchors

Plastic and nylon wall anchors for concrete, drywall, and other surfaces can be installed quickly and painlessly by following a few straightforward steps:
  1. Identify where you want to install your plastic or nylon anchor and mark the wall
  2. Drill a hole using a bit with a diameter slightly smaller than the wall anchor
  3. Push the plastic or nylon anchor into the wall with your finger, then lightly tap the wall anchor with a hammer until it is flush with the surface
  4. Insert a screw in the center of the anchor
  5. Tighten the screw using a screwdriver, being careful not to insert the screw completely
  6. Hang your object on the protruding screw

Never Run Out of Anchors or Anchor Kits Again with BW Industrial Sales

BW Industrial Sales is proud to work with OEMs, contract manufacturers, and other industrial outfits to provide complete inventory solutions, ensuring that you have the components you need when you need them. Our VMI solutions are tailored to your workflows, stock needs, and other requirements, and we work around your processes to deliver personalized service with every order.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your facility through our expert supply chain management, vast inventory, and complete commitment to quality service. Request a quote to receive information specific to your needs.
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