Countersunk Washers

A type of finishing washer, a countersunk washer is a formed circular fastener used with flat or oval head screws. These washers provide a bearing area on a surface and give a neat, finished appearance. Regardless of your assembly’s specifications, BW Industrial Sales has the high-performance bulk countersunk washers you need to complete your job on time, within budget, and without interruption. Shop our inventory to find the right washer for your application and call 626-358-1836 for assistance navigating your options.

Countersunk Finishing Washers to Match Your Requirements

Countersunk washers are raised on the sides and flat in the middle. This design supplies the bearing area for inserting a threaded fastener. To meet the needs of any OEM or manufacturing line, BW Industrial Sales offers a variety of diameters and finishes. Our finishing washers are ready to ship, and we provide standard options constructed from several materials:Don’t see the countersunk washer materials or dimensions required to complete your job? No problem. BW Industrial Sales can manufacture custom washers to your exact specifications. From unusual sizes to untraditional materials, we have the expertise and services to complete your order.

The Benefits of Choosing Finishing Washers

Countersunk finishing washers add a variety of advantages and benefits to most assemblies. They offer better vibration protection compared to traditional flat washers. They are less likely to loosen, available in stainless steel, black oxide, black zinc, or steel nickel to match your specifications. Versatile, long-lasting, and easy to install, finishing washers will add aesthetic appeal to the finished product while delivering uncompromising performances.

Countersunk Washer Applications

Countersunk finishing washers are used throughout industries to provide a smooth and level finish, fasten thin and fragile materials, or add more support. Examples include:
  • Woodworking
  • Metalworking
  • General construction
  • Automotive assemblies
  • And much more!

BW Industrial Sales Keeps OEMs & Manufacturers Fully Stocked

With over a century of combined industry experience, the team at BW Industrial Sales is at your disposal. We pride ourselves on being your go-to problem solvers, and we’re ready to tackle any challenge or issue. From navigating increasingly complex supply chains to providing tailor-made VMI solutions, our experts support your operations and streamline your processes through high-quality countersunk washers and other fastener solutions.

Contact us to learn more about how we can keep your OEM or manufacturing operation running without delay or downtime. Request a quote to start your order.
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