Custom and Specialty Products

At BW Industrial Sales, our commitment extends beyond standard electrical parts. We are a comprehensive solution provider for manufacturers requiring specialized and custom items, products, and parts, including those involved in R&D, manufacturing, and product design. Our services are designed to save you time and money, making us your one-stop solution for custom products.


What Specialized Services Do We Offer for Custom Manufacturing?


Bespoke Fastener Solutions

We excel in creating custom fasteners tailored to your project's specific needs. Be it unconventional sizes, unique materials, or specialized designs, our team collaborates with you to engineer fasteners that meet your exact specifications.


Precision Machining Services

Precision is key in custom manufacturing. We offer state-of-the-art precision machining services to fabricate intricate components that meet your project's stringent requirements. Our focus on accuracy and detail ensures high-quality, custom-built parts.


Specialized Materials and Coatings

To enhance the durability and performance of our products, we offer a range of specialty materials and coatings. This includes high-strength alloys and corrosion-resistant finishes, ensuring your fasteners withstand even the most challenging environments.


Prototyping and Testing Services

Our comprehensive approach includes prototyping and testing to refine and optimize your custom fastener designs. This ensures the final product not only meets but exceeds your performance expectations.


Your Partner in Custom and Specialty Manufacturing

At BW Industrial Sales, we recognize the uniqueness of each project and are dedicated to transforming your innovative ideas into tangible realities. If custom products are what you need, look no further. As your comprehensive solution, we offer unparalleled expertise in every phase, from design to delivery. For specialized manufacturing needs that demand quality, precision, and innovation, BW Industrial Sales is your definitive one-stop solution. Contact us today and let us be the cornerstone of your manufacturing success.


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