Mil-Spec Socket Screws

Socket screws, also called Allen head screws or Allen head bolts, feature a hexagonal internal drive built into the head. They are fastened using a hexagonal-shaped wrench, or Allen wrench, and require a key to tighten or remove from your assembly. Unlike standard socket screws, MS socket head cap screws are designed and manufactured to meet the strict guidelines for use in US military assemblies, jobs, and operations.

BW Industrial Sales has the bulk inventory, fast deliveries, and accurate ordering capabilities you need to produce high-quality military assemblies. Our socket head cap screw inventory provides high-tensile strength and long-lasting performance in every military job. Free manufacturer certifications and full traceability are available with every order—start yours today!

NAS & MS Socket Head Cap Screws to Match Any Requirement

BW Industrial Sales provides the best USA-made Mil-Spec hardware to aerospace, defense, and military manufacturers nationwide. We use only the highest quality materials and work hard to ensure you receive accurate orders delivered without delay. Our available socket head screws meet a variety of NAS, MS, and other military guidelines.

Don’t see the exact Mil-Spec socket screw you need? Let us know. We source specialty components and offer custom manufacturing capabilities to achieve your complete satisfaction.

MS16997 Socket Cap Screws

MS16997 socket head cap screws are made from heat-treated alloy steel in a cadmium yellow plating. Various diameters, lengths, and threads per inch are available to match your requirements.

NAS1351 Socket Screws

NAS1351 socket cap screws include a fine thread and are made from A286 stainless steel that is vacuum age hardened and argon cooled per AMS-H-6875B and AMS 2759/3E specifications.

NAS1351/MS16996 Socket Head Cap Screws

Able to meet criteria set by both NAS and Mil-Spec guidelines, NAS1351/MS16996 socket head cap screws are made from 300 series stainless steel and feature a fine thread.

NAS1352 Socket Screws

NAS1352 Allen head screws share many similarities with NAS1351 options but utilize a coarse thread. They are made from A86 stainless steel and are available in several lengths, diameters, and threads per inch.

NAS1352/MS16995 Socket Cap Screws

Featuring a coarse thread, NAS1352/MS16995 socket cap screws are made from 300 series stainless steel to provide corrosion-resistant performances in any defense, military, or aerospace assembly.

BW Industrial Sales Provides Full Traceability & Free Manufacturer Certifications

BW Industrial Sales is your #1 source of bulk Mil-Spec socket screws and other MS hardware for defense, aerospace, and military applications. Full traceability and free manufacturer certifications are provided with every order to ensure you only receive the best products every time. We offer a comprehensive selection of military-grade fasteners that are:
  • DFAR compliant
  • Tested and certified to meet military standards
  • QSLD qualified
  • Available in many sizes, materials, types, and style options
We also offer full VMI solutions customized to your OEM or manufacturing needs. Our team works with you to design and create a tailored system that ensures you always have the bulk supplies you need when you need them. Choose BW Industrial Sales as your full-service Mil-Spec supplier, and we’ll make sure that you never run out of stock again.

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