Retaining Compounds

Our Retaining Compounds are a single component anaerobic resin that is designed for cylindrical assemblies in order to increase the mechanical strength. The green resin is available in high strength and very high strength viscosities. The High Strength Retaining Compound has a viscosity rating of 100 - 500cps and is perfect for bonding all types of rigid assemblies with a fast fixture hold within 10 minutes. The Very High Strength Retaining Compound has a viscosity rating of 900 – 1,500cps and a fast fixture hold in 20-40 minutes. The very high strength is greatly used to bond gears, wheels, pulleys, cam-collars, flywheels, and rotors to shafts. The High Strength and Very High Strength Retaining Compounds are recommended to have a full 24 hours for a powerful and complete cure.

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