Hex Cap Screws

A hex cap screw is an externally threaded fastener with a hex head, washer-face beneath the head, a metric thread pitch, made from medium carbon steel and heat-treated. Hex cap screws are used to create a bolt assembly along with a metric threaded nut, joining two components together. One advantage to hex cap screws is they allow for easy disassembly for repairs and maintenance purposes. Available and ready-to-ship in a variety of sizes and finishes. Browse our selection of hex cap screws for your building projects and industrial applications.

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Hex Cap Screws, Full Thread:  A hex cap screw where the metric threads on the shank extend all of the way to directly beneath the head. Fully threaded hex cap screws offer a greater grip strength than partially threaded screws. Used to mount parts to machinery and popular across many industries, especially automotive.

Hex Cap Screws, Partial Thread:  A hex cap screw where the metric threads do not extend completely to the head. Partially threaded hex cap screws have greater shear strength than fully threaded screws. Designed for use in bolt-through applications.

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