Nuts are internally threaded fasteners commonly mated with machine threaded screws and bolts to conjoin parts together. When the application involves vibrations and a decrease in pressure, the threading of the nut and bolt can be paired with washers, adhesives, or other locking mechanisms to ensure a secure fastening.

BW Industrial Sales offers a vast variety of types, sizes, and materials of nuts for all applications.

Industrial Nuts in Stock

Available Nuts & Fasteners

Cage Nuts

Cage nuts are often used in equipment mounting applications. We carry both metric and imperial cage nuts in stainless steel and steel zinc.

Cap Nuts

Also referred to as “acorn nuts,” cap nuts feature a smooth domed top for covering exposed threaded bolts, rods, or studs.

Castle Nuts

Also called “slotted nuts,” castle nuts provide a mild resistance to the loosening of the bolt. We carry Grade 5 and low carbon zinc castle nuts.

Clinching Nuts

Also known as “swage nuts,” clinching nuts create a permanent lock in softer material such as sheet metal.

Conduit Nuts

Conduit lock nuts secure threaded conduits to enclosures or an outlet box. They are made from a zinc alloy.

Coupling Nuts

Coupling nuts connect two threaded rods or to extend and level threaded parts.

Flange Nuts

The flanged ends of these nuts act as an attached washer to provide a greater pressure distribution. Many sizes, finishes, and coatings are available.

Flex Type Lock Nuts

The top collar of flex type lock nuts expands for a tight lock when the bolt is fastened.

Hex, Automotive

Our light automotive hex nuts come in a standard, steel plain finish and are available in coarse or fine threads.

Hex, Finished Nuts

Finished hex nuts are the most common 6-sided hex nut with internal threading to fasten onto a mating bolt or other threaded fastener.

Hex, Heavy Nuts

Heavy hex nuts are bigger and thicker than standard hex nuts for high-strength applications. They are compatible with heavy and large diameter bolts.

Hex, Nylon Nuts

Nylon hex nuts are great for resisting grease, oil, and most solvents.

Hex, Jam Nuts

Hex jam nuts are thinner and are often used to secure the first nut threaded on the fastener to prevent loosening.

Hex, Machine Screw

Hex machine screw nuts are smaller than standard hex nuts for mating applications to machine screws. Sizes are available under 1/4".

K-Lock Nuts

Also called KEPS nuts, K-Lock nuts have a free-spinning, attached external toothed lock washer designed for a more efficient application.

Left-Handed threaded Hex Nuts

These nuts are reverse threaded so you can fasten them in a counterclockwise direction. They are used in applications where a standard right-hand threaded fastener would be prone to loosening.

Metric Nuts

Metric threaded nuts are all available for any application.

Mil-Spec Nuts

All military standard nuts are fully tested, made in the USA, and are available with certifications for full traceability.

Nylon Insert Nuts

“Nylock” nuts have an inner 6/6 nylon insert to prevent any loosening due to vibrations.

Panel Nuts

Also known as pipe nuts, panel nuts are very thin light-duty hex nuts commonly used for general applications.

Reversible 2-Way Nuts

Two-way reversible lock nuts are designed to lock onto threaded fasteners. Our stock includes coarse and fine thread.

Right Hand Wheel Nuts

Right hand wheel nuts are most used in automotive applications and are ready to ship in a variety of sizes and coatings.

Rivet Nuts

Rivet nuts come in a variety of types for many applications, but they are most used in tubing or inserted into other thin materials.

Square Nuts

These 4-sided nuts provide a greater surface area. They are commonly used in railroad and furniture applications to prevent loosening.

Steel Spring Nuts

Steel spring nuts are self-locking and designed to save time in the assembly process by allowing you to quickly install a threaded fastener.

Stover®-Equivalent Nuts

The distorted threads at the top of the nut lock into the threaded fastener, creating a stronger hold when compared to a nylon-insert lock nut.

Tee Nuts

These nuts are inserted into materials and designed to create new threads or repair stripped threads.

Top Lock Nuts

“Tri-loc” nuts are designed for a prevailing torque lock to create a stronger hold. Depending on the application, top lock nuts can be reused.

Weld Nuts

Weld nuts are made with a larger amount of material and are designed to be permanently welded to other surfaces.

Wing Nuts

Wing nuts have “winged” sides for easy hand installation and are commonly used when the nut is often removed.


Custom Heavy-Duty Nuts & Fasteners for Any Industrial Application

We can help you find the heavy-duty nut that best fits your project, from hex nuts to panel nuts, in a variety of sizes and materials. Nuts are used in an extensive range of applications. If one of our standard nuts does not fit your specifications, our custom manufacturing capabilities can get the job done in virtually every industry, including:
  • Military & Defense
  • Xtreme Sports
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • And more.
With over 100 combined years of industrial supply experience, our team of experts can meet or exceed any requirement.

Wholesale VMI Solutions for Heavy-Duty Nuts & Industrial Fasteners

No matter your industry, you must have the proper heavy-duty nut or other industrial fastener available to you exactly when you need it. That’s why we provide fully customized VMI solutions. Our VMI system provides ready-to-go inventory within your business, and our effective inventory process guarantees that you will never run out of stock again.

BW Industrial Sales is committed to providing industrial nuts and fasteners with the very best customer service. To get started with your nut order or to establish your VMI solution, request a quote today. If you have any other questions, contact us. We’re ready to go the extra mile to find the best answer to your industrial needs. 


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