Self-Clinching Studs

Self-clinching studs, also called clinch studs, are designed to create a strong and reusable thread in very thin panels. Their impressive locking capabilities are due to the twelve small ribs under the head of the stud. Clinch stud heads are very slim for a flush and clean appearance in your assembly. These powerful components are available in a large selection of metric or imperial sizes, various Rockwell hardness ratings, and are constructed from a variety of materials:At BW Industrial Sales, your satisfaction is our number one priority! In addition to our extensive supply of self-clinching studs, we also offer a variety of other rivets, rods, struts, and studs to match the needs of your job site. Contact us today to learn more about our available products, custom manufacturing capabilities, and other solutions for manufacturers. An experienced and highly knowledgeable representative will be in touch as soon as possible.

Advantages of Choosing Clinch Studs

Installing clinch studs adds many advantages to your assembly or application. Compared to welded options, self-clinching studs produce higher pushout and torque-out resistance. They do not require special hole preparation during installation and are designed to minimize the number of necessary parts while building your project. Other benefits include:
  • Low upfront and maintenance costs
  • Minimizes steps in assembly
  • Increased thread strength
  • No introduction of thermal stresses
  • And much more!

How to Install Self-Clinching Studs

Installing clinch studs is a straightforward and quick process. Press the self-clinching stud into a pre-punched or drilled hole in a panel. The clinch stud uses a squeezing force and is captivated. This minimizes the possibility of loose hardware in your assembly while allowing access to both sides of the panel. No special tools or processes are required, which reduces your assembly time and overall operational costs.

BW Industrial Sales is the Top Supplier for OEMs & Manufacturers

BW Industrial Sales is the top supplier for OEMs and manufacturers across industries. We adapt to fit your operations, providing tailor-made VMI solutions, unparalleled resources, informational line cards, and much more. No matter your needs, we’re prepared to supply an industrial solution. From bulk self-clinching studs to nuts, bolts, and beyond, we have the inventory and services you need to complete any assembly on time and within budget.
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