Custom Fastener Kits

Need a one-of-a-kind packaging solution? Save time, increase efficiency, and exceed customer experience with BW Industrial Sales’ fastener kitting services. We have a team ready to design, package, and quality check the perfect custom fastener kit for you. These individually inspected and packaged, thermally sealed, high-grade plastic pouches offer more than just a way to ship. Each kit is customized to allow for multiple fasteners and parts to be stored in one package but separated within organized compartments for easy use during any job or application.
We at BW Industrial Sales realize how vital packaging and first impressions can be for you. That’s why we proudly offer fastener kitting services like our custom kits and other custom solutions to better personalize your experience. When you use our program, you’ll never have to search for individual fasteners again! BW Industrial Sales gives you them all in one perfectly designed custom fastener kit.

What is BW’s Custom Fastener Kit Solution?

At BW Industrial Sales, we provide you with the most comprehensive and customizable relationship possible. That’s why we have systematically designed processes and applications to meet your specific needs. On top of our amazing VMI ProgramCNC Machining, and Vending Solutions, we offer customizable fastener kits. These kits allow you to remove the repetitive and time-consuming process of organizing and producing a kit yourself, giving you more time to focus on important day-to-day operations.

Configurations for Custom Fastener Kits

Our custom fastener kits are made to order and specifically designed to fit your industry. These custom kits feature easy-to-use storage compartments made of high-quality plastics or other materials, depending on your need, and have the ability to hold a large array of fasteners including nuts, screws, bolts, rivets, anchors, washers, rods, and more. Custom fastener kits are available many different sizes, shapes, materials, colors, and features.
Through constant testing and improvement, we have found that our most popular option is our custom plastic pouches. Using thermal heat and high-quality plastics, we house a variety of separated parts all within the same package, ensuring easy use and accurate application every time. These kits are quality checked though each building stage, giving you peace of mind that you will get what you want in the best possible form available. Nothing is too custom for us!

Why Use Custom Fastener Kitting Services

When you use BW Industrial Sales, you can be sure that we will get the job done right. With the ability to customize your needs, we have many advantages when you partner with us.

Key Advantages of our Custom Fastener Kits & Fastener Kitting Services

  • In-house custom CNC machining for branded or specification imaging
  • Custom Kit Team, trained to handle every order fast and accurately
  • Fast turnaround
  • Samples and proofing available
  • High-quality custom packaging and branding
  • Custom shipping and drop-shipping
  • Easy use and simple tracking
  • Kits improve your own customer satisfaction
  • Fasteners kitted together go together
  • Increased inspection and quality checks
  • Time-saving design with isolated parts in one itemized package

Order your Custom Fastener Kit Today!

How can you order your own custom-made fastener kits? We like to work with you closely to design a program that fits your needs. With a large possibility of quantities, layouts, design, and finishes available, our team will walk you through the process and provide final samples to ensure we make the perfect program for you. Get started on your custom fastener kit today, and contact our team.
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