Self-Piercing Screws

Self-piercing screws are manufactured similar to self-drilling screws in the sense that they both are designed to pierce and tap their own threads into the mating material of the application, although self-piercing screws have extra sharp points that allow a more efficient assembly in surfaces such as sheet metal. Because the self-piercing screw, a.k.a. saber point screws, cuts its own threads into light gauge metal and securely fastens into the surface, it has proved its worth in metal roofing applications when quality and dependability is at its finest. Our inventory for self-piercing screws are stocked in a vast selection of materials, finishes, types, styles, combinations and sizes to meet the needs of the manufacturer. This includes hex washer head, high head hex washer, modified truss and pancake head styles with a variety of drive preferences such as slotted, un-slotted, and phillips drive types. Self-piercing screws are carried in 300 series, 18-8 SS and 400 series, 410 stainless steel options as well as plain steel coating options of silver Ruspert, zinc plating, or a white head finish. We also stock steel for self-piecing screws that has a 1,000 hour salt-spray rating finish and is case hardened to Rockwell 45 mins. (core hardness: Rockwell C28-38) for applications needing maximum corrosion resistance. Additional features include a selection of piercing screws that have Neo-EPDM washers, serrations, or a type-17 point. Also available, Across the Flats type self-piecing screws are offered in ¼”, 5/16”, and 3/8” A.F. Our inventory of self-piercing screws is ready to ship out of the warehouse in bulk quantities today to ensure your line never stops running!

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