Machine Screws

A metric machine screw is a straight shank fastener with a metric thread pitch designed to go through a hole or a nut that is pre-tapped to form a mating thread for the screw. Machine screws form a fastening superior in strength to spaced thread screws. Offered in different head styles and drives for uses in different applications. Available and ready-to-ship in a variety of sizes and finishes. Browse our selection of machine screws for your building projects and industrial applications.

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Pan Head Machine Screw:  A pan head machine screw is a screw with metric threads and a head that is flat on top and rounded on the sides. Similar to a round head, which also has round sides, the difference being that a round head is rounded on top as well.

Pozi Drive Machine Screw:  Similar to a Phillips drive, A Pozi drive machine screw is designed to further improve on the torque and cam-out of a Phillips head. A second cross is added to the first cross creating a better contact of the driver to the screw.

Flat Head Phillips Machine Screw:  A flat head machine screw is a screw with metric threads and a flat head. Sometimes called countersunk screws, they have a conical neck with a flat outer face allowing the head of the screw to sink into the material. Designed for use when a protruding head is not an option.

Oval Head Machine Screw:  A oval head machine screw is a screw with metric threads, with a countersunk neck and a domed top that sits above the surface. Designed for decorative purposes but also used for general-purpose applications.

Six-Lobe Drive Machine Screw:  A machine screw with metric threads and a six-lobe drive. A six-lobe is a star shaped drive, similar to a Phillips drive but with six points. A six-lobe is designed to resist cam-out better than a Phillips head and further improve on the torque.

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