Machine Bolts

A machine bolt is a low or medium carbon steel, externally threaded mechanical device with machine thread pitch and a 1/4 inch in diameter or larger, with a trimmed hex head or square head and typically hot-dipped galvanized coating. A machine bolt does not have a washer face on its bearing surface as does a hex cap screw, nor does it have a mechanical point. Its body tolerances are not as close as those of a hex cap screw. Machine bolts are designed to be used in highly corrosive environments (coastal locales and heavily polluted atmospheres).

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Specifications of Threaded Machine Bolts

May be inserted into an oversized hole and should be assembled with a nut to secure the assembly. Machine bolts shall be manufactured from steel which conforms to Rockwell B69 – B100 for bolts of length less than 3X nominal diameter and Rockwell B100 maximum for bolts of length equal to or greater than 3X nominal diameter, with a tensile strength of 60,000 psi. BW Industrial Sales carries hex head and square head machine bolts, available and ready-to-ship in a variety of sizes and coatings. Browse our selection of machine bolts for your building projects and industrial applications.
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