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Retaining Rings are secured into the groove of a shaft or tube providing a shoulder for a powerful retention of assemblies. Our retaining rings are available in a variety of sizes with E, SE, External, and internal types for all application needs. Featured Retaining Ring Kits are ready-to-ship and provide a wide range of sizes, types, and finishes including pliers with replacement tips for all applications. 

Pins are used in the alignment and assembly of machine components, allows free movement along a given axis, and can provide a secure-temporary hold or a confident-permanent connection for your application needs. Fastening pins are available in a wide selection of types, sizes and materials including all coiled spring pins, cotter pins, dowel pins, hitch pin clips, and slotted spring pins. 

If you have any questions or concerns about retaining rings, pins, kits or any other manufacturing parts and tools, please contact our experienced and qualified BW Industrial Sales staff; or call us at 626-358-1836 for an immediate response. 

E and SE Retaining Rings: E & SE style retaining rings are designed with 3 tapered prongs initiating contact and providing a wider shoulder than standard retaining rings, allowing more ease during installation.  Side-mount E retaining rings are assembled onto the grooves of shafts or tubes providing a strong and secure retention of assemblies. 

External Retaining Rings: External retaining rings are installed with retaining ring pliers to pry over a shaft or tube and sprung into the grooves for a strong sealed application. External style retaining rings ensure confidence in the positioning of assembled components.

Internal Retaining Rings: Internal Retaining Rings have a bigger opening with the two holes, for retaining ring pliers, tapered to the inside. Internal style retaining rings provide a complete contact assembly for a solid hold within the groove.

Kits: We offer three types of Retaining Ring Kits for your assembly needs. The E Ring Kit features over 1,500 E-Rings, ranging in 20 sizes between 1/16- 1 3/16”. The Replaceable Tip Pliers provides 1- internal plier (bore diameter 3/8 – 1 ¾”), 1- external plier (shaft diameter ¼ - 1 7/16”), and 8- pairs of tips [(x4) .038 diameter in black, (x3) .47 diameter in silver, (x1) .07 in copper color]. The Retaining Ring Kit features 1,000 rings (internal = 3/8 – 1 1/8” and external ¼” – 1 1/8”) with 2 sets of pliers with included tips for all rings within the kit.

Coiled Spring Pins: Coiled spring pins are designed to stay flexible after installation. These pins are great absorbers of shock and vibrations when compared to a slotted spring pin. Assembly requires pins to be squeezed into a slightly smaller hole, creating tension against the walls and allowing the chamfered ends to assist during insertion.

Cotter Pins: A Cotter Pin is inserted into the hole on the end of a clevis pin to securely lock an object into place.

Dowel Pins: Dowel pins are short cylinder rods; used for various manufacturing applications such as structural reinforcement, maintaining proper alignment for machined components, and to join parts together.

Hitch Pin Clips: Hitch pins are designed to be a security measure for applications needing a locking tool that can be removed frequently. Most popularly known to be used with trailer hitch receivers.

Slotted Spring Pins: Slotted Spring Pins are a hollowed cylinder fastener designed to be flexible so that it can be assembled into a slightly smaller hole than the diameter of the pin. The chamfered end on one or both sides assist in the insertion process.

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