Lighting and Electrical

At BW Industrial Sales, a leading name in lighting and electrical manufacturing, we specialize in supplying premium-quality hardware that caters to the diverse requirements of this dynamic industry. Our product range, encompassing innovative lighting solutions to essential electrical components, is tailored to boost efficiency, safety, and reliability across various applications.





Our Diverse Range of Solutions for Multiple Sectors

Commercial Lighting

BW Industrial Sales is at the forefront of supporting the commercial lighting sector. Our range includes fasteners and hardware essential for manufacturing energy-efficient and visually appealing lighting fixtures for commercial spaces like offices and retail environments.


Residential Lighting

Our hardware solutions are designed to elevate the home atmosphere. Catering to the residential lighting market, we offer components for both decorative and functional lighting, providing stylish and reliable fasteners for a variety of residential lighting needs.


LED Technology

Embracing LED advancements, BW Industrial Sales delivers components essential for manufacturing energy-saving LED lighting systems. Our products facilitate sustainable lighting solutions in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.


Electrical Panel Manufacturing

We supply critical fasteners and hardware for the production of electrical panels, ensuring the construction of reliable and secure panels vital for various industries.


Renewable Energy

Committed to sustainable energy, our range includes fasteners for electrical components used in renewable systems like solar panels and wind turbines, promoting eco-friendly energy solutions.


Industrial Electrical Equipment

Our catalog serves industrial applications with fasteners and hardware for electrical equipment in factories and manufacturing plants, enhancing system efficiency and reliability.


Smart Home Technology

In line with smart home trends, we provide hardware for manufacturing devices enabling home automation and connectivity, contributing to intelligent, interconnected lighting and electrical systems.


BW Industrial Sales: Your Partner in Lighting and Electrical Solutions

We offer an extensive selection of high-quality lighting and electrical products for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Understanding the need for quality, affordability, and timely delivery, we collaborate with reputable manufacturers to meet and surpass industry standards.


Whether you're a contractor, facility manager, or DIY enthusiast, our expertise can guide you to the right products for your project.

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