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Type A or Type AB Sheet Metal Screws

Type A vs Type AB metal sheet screws

When your application requires fastening a metal sheet to other metal objects or surfaces such as plastic, aluminum, wood, or hard rubber, you need a specifically designed sheet metal screw. Selecting the best screw for your application, however, is something easier said than done. Type AB and Type A self-tapping screws are common choices for many industrial and commercial applications. But which is best for your project? And what’s the difference between the two?

BW Industrial Sales is here to help. For decades, we have evolved with the changing market to anticipate the growing needs of our customers. We’re not just your fastener supplier but your complete vendor partner. We have the industry knowledge and resources to enable you to select the best sheet metal screw for your planned use.

What are Type A Self-Tapping Metal Screws?

Type A sheet metal screws feature coarse threads and gimlet points. They are often used in applications involving thin metals or wood, like resinous plywood or various composite boards. Type A sheet metal screws are typically constructed from stainless steel material but can be custom manufactured from most materials depending on your planned application.

Benefits of Using Type A Sheet Metal Screws

As Type A self-tapping metal screws feature a coarse thread, they can easily self-start their own hole in the metal, wood, plastic, or other thin substrate material. They efficiently secure metal sheets, work for many industries, and, when made of stainless steel, feature corrosion resistance and increased aesthetic appeal.

What are Type AB Self-Tapping Metal Screws?

Type AB sheet metal screws feature a fine thread. Like Type A screws, they feature a gimlet point. These self-tapping metal screws are well-suited for more fragile materials as well as thin metals and wood. This broader operational ability makes Type AB screws useful in a more extensive range of applications when compared to Type A. They are often constructed of stainless steel.

Benefits of Using Type AB Sheet Metal Screws

Due to the higher number of threads per inch, Type AB screws are highly effective in brittle materials.  Versatile AB sheet metal screws can be applied in many applications with a similar or sometimes superior performance than Type A. Type AB combines benefits from Type A or Type B screws, eliminating drill chipping in any material.

Should I Use Type A or Type AB Sheet Metal Screws?

Regardless of Type A or Type AB screw points, sheet metal screws are used in various industrial and commercial manufacturing projects. Some of these industries include:
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Avionics
  • Automotive
  • And many, many more!
While both Type A and Type AB come with individual benefits, Type AB screws can complete most sheet metal fastening applications that call for a Type A. As a result, Type AB will work as an excellent substitution with little difference in the finished product when Type A screws are difficult to find due to supply chain disruptions, delivery delays, or other factors.

Never Run Out of Sheet Metal Screws Again

When you choose BW Industrial Sales as your vendor partner, we use our fully customized VMI solutions to ensure that you will never run out of stock again. Whether you need Type A or Type AB sheet metal screws, nuts, bolts, rivets, or more, our innovative system ensures that you have what you need precisely when you need it. We give you the exact amount of control you require, removing the stress from your inventory management.



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