Setting Tools

Setting Tools are available for hollow wall anchors and machine screw anchors. The Hollow Wall Anchor Setting Tool is specifically designed for metal hollow wall anchors. For the best assembly, drill a hole into a hallow area behind the base material, next you will back out the head of the screw by three turns and position the tool behind the head, then you can squeeze the tool to expand the shell of the anchor, remove the screw, position the object to be anchored, and re-insert the screw to complete the assembly. Our machine screw anchor setting tool is specially designed for machine screw anchors and offer a steel zinc finish. For the best installation, drill a hole to the required embedment depth, then insert the anchor into the hole and set the tool into the anchor, next drive the anchor’s lead sleeve the cone with several sharp blows, and position the object to be anchored, insert and fasten down the bolt to complete the assembly.

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