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BW Industrial Sales is your source for all military hardware. During WWII, the USA and Britain had a strong alliance on the battle field which often lead to the sharing of tanks, aircraft, guns, and other machinery. Historically, American fasteners were not always interchangeable with British machinery and would have issues fitting the equipment properly. This sparked the standardization of United States Military Hardware. Any equipment manufactured for defense purposes must follow strict United States Military Standards, including fasteners. 


Stocked Military Spec Hardware includes:

MS Hex Cap Screws

Military Standard Hex Cap Screws have a six-sided hexagon head and can come fully or partially threaded.  

MS Machine Screws

Military Standard Machine Screws are fully threaded with a flat tip.  Often used the keep two pieces of materials together through the use of a threaded hole.

MS Self Tapping Screws

Military Standard Self Tapping Screws have the ability to create a hole in the material through its sharp point.  A pre-drilled hole is not often required.

MS Socket Screws

Military Standard Socket Screws are often used in applications that require a strong bolt.  The bolt is tightened through a hexagonal drive at the top of the head

MS Hex Nuts

Military Standard Hex Nuts are often paired with bolts to secure two pieces of material together.  Their hexagon shape allows them to be adjusted through the use of a wrench

MS Pins

Military Standard Pins come in a variety of styles that are used to secure two pieces of materials together both temporarily and permanently 

AN Washers

Army-Navy Washers are used as a barrier between the bolt head and the material. 

MS Washers

Military Standard Washers are used as a barrier between the bolt head and the material.

NAS Washers

National Aerospace Standard Washers are used as a barrier between the bolt head and the material.


In order to secure defense contracts at the highest level, the traceability of your components becomes important. Military hardware can be sold under multiple categories; new with proper certifications, new with no certifications, refurbished, and used.  BW Industrial Sales provides parts in all four categories with certifications available for all of our Military Standard Hex Cap Screws, Machine Screws, Self-Tapping Screws, Socket Screws, Hex Nuts, MS Pins, and washers,

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