Hex Mounting Panel Nuts

Hex panel mounting nuts, also called double chamfered hex nuts, are very thin components with a large threaded hole. While they serve a variety of purposes, they are most often applied to mount threaded switches on electrical panels. They are a cost-effective and high-performing alternative to machine screw nuts.

BW Industrial Sales is the go-to supplier of die cast zinc alloy hex panel mounting nuts for manufacturers and OEMs throughout the USA and Canada. Our wholesale double chamfered hex nuts are the best in the business. We will leverage our vast network of fastener manufacturers to provide the components you need exactly when you need them. We offer:Our unparalleled service and expert inventory management make us the best hex panel mounting nut supplier for manufacturers. Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about how we can support your operations.

Galvanized vs. Zinc Alloy Double Chamfered Hex Nuts

Galvanized hex nuts and zinc alloy double chamfered hex nuts share many performance capabilities, but these finishes have a few key differences. The most apparent is the visual appearance. Die cast zinc alloy panel nuts will feature a matte finish, whereas galvanized metal will have a shinier façade. However, this effect will corrode over time, degrading the overall performance of galvanized hex panel mounting nuts.

Comparatively, zinc alloy is non-corroding. It will not gall or freeze on mating threads. Die cast zinc alloy panel nuts are less likely to break down and will deliver long-lasting performances in most applications. It is ideal for any project requiring dependable finishes for fasteners.

Download our Finishes PDF for more information about the pros and cons of various materials from BW Industrial Sales.

Wholesale Hex Panel Mounting Nuts for Manufacturers

Hex panel mounting nuts for manufacturers serve many industrial uses. They are most typically applied in assemblies such as:
  • Switch mounts
  • Volume controls
  • Electrical fixtures
  • And much, much more!
If wholesale zinc alloy die cast double chamfered hex nuts are not your best solution, we offer a variety of other nuts. Contact us for assistance navigating our extensive inventory of fastener options.

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BW Industrial Sales is your full-service partner for any industrial fastener need. From bolts to washers and beyond, we have the supplies you require to complete your job on time and within budget. Contact us or request a quote to get started. An expert representative will be in touch as soon as possible.
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