K-Lok Nut

A K-Lok nut, most commonly referred to as a keps nut, is a hex nut pre-assembled with a free spinning external tooth lock washer. Having the washer pre-assembled with the nut shortens installation time. The locking action is achieved when the nut is tightened against a bearing surface as the teeth of the lock washer dig into it. A K-Lok or keps nut is the most popular type of locknut because of its versatility, cost and ease of installation and it doesn’t gall screw threads. BW Industrial Sales carries K-Lok nuts in a regular pattern and small pattern, with dimensions being smaller across the flats for tighter spaces. Offered in 18-8 stainless steel (303 & 304 series), steel zinc, steel nickel, black oxide, and zinc black, green, and yellow. Available and ready-to-ship in a variety of sizes and coatings. Browse our selection of k-lok nuts for your building projects and industrial applications.

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Conical Washer:  A conical washer k-lok nut is a hex nut pre-assembled with a free-spinning conical washer. A high tension is maintained in the screw and nut assembly as the nut is tightened against the bearing surface. Conical washer assemblies can compensate for joint contraction and expansion and can span slightly oversized holes.
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