Industrial Washers

Washers are thin plates with punched holes in the center. They are typically used for the distribution of a threaded fastener’s load. Other common uses include applications such as a spacer, locking tool, wear plate, vibration reducer, or to add tension like a spring. Washers come in disc-shaped and square-shaped plates and are available in a large selection of sizes and materials.

At BW Industrial Sales, we pride ourselves on creating effective fastener solutions to any industry while creating the best customer experience possible. No matter what your specifications, application, or custom requirements include, we’re ready to be your “problem solvers” and find the right industrial washer, bolt, or anchor to meet your needs.

Stocked Washers:

Available Washers

Beveled Plain Washers

Beveled washers are used as leveling tools in applications where compensation is needed due to imperfect parallelism within the structure. They are used in assembly with nuts, bolts, and other threaded fasteners.

Bonded & EPDM Washers

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) and other bonded washers feature impressive corrosion resistance against UV, Ozone, and other environmental factors. They are widely used in plumbing and outdoor applications.

Countersunk Washers

Also called dress washers, countersunk washers are very similar to flat washers. However, their bearing surface allows the screw’s head to sit flush within the washer to create a finished, clean look. A variety of standard sizes and finishes are ready to ship.

Dock Washers

Dock washers are thick, heavy-duty options. They are used in applications such as construction where durable, sturdy washers are required.

Flat Washers

Flat washers are round and the most common type of washer. These washers are used to distribute a threaded fastener’s load evenly. Many sizes, finishes, and materials of flat washers are available.

Metric Washers

We offer a vast selection of washers in metric sizes to meet your specifications.

Military-Spec Washers

Due to firm measurement specifications required for military applications, mil-spec washers are available with traceable certs for all NAS, MS, and AN standard fasteners to ensure the quality of each part.

Nylon Washers

Nylon washers are nonmetallic and are a strong, lightweight, and abrasive-resistant washer option for many indoor or outdoor applications. Additionally, nylon washers provide low friction, reduced vibrations, and electrical insulation.

Pressure Sealing Washers

Pressure sealing washers are self-sealing and are used in applications requiring the tightest seal for withstanding water, oil, dust, and other elements or contaminants. Our stock includes stainless steel and galvanized steel materials.

Split Lock Washer

Split lock washers keep tension on threaded fasteners such as nuts, bolts, and screws to prevent vibrations from loosening connected materials during the application. These washers are available in extra heavy, heavy, high collar, and medium (regular) configurations.

Tooth Lock Washer

External tooth and internal tooth lock washers use “teeth” to provide tension and include a strong locking tool for maximum hold. Our available tooth lock washers include stainless steel, steel zinc, and yellow zinc material options.

Features of Heavy-Duty Washers

BW Industrial Sales carries a vast selection of standard, metric, and mil-spec washers. Our threaded washer configuration options include:
  • A2 and A4 stainless steel, aluminum, Grade 9 alloy, or Nylon materials
  • Multiple diameter possibilities
  • Various finishes
  • And many others

Custom Manufactured Washers

If one of our standard washers does not fit your application, we offer custom manufacturing services to produce the exact part you need. We make it easy for you to do business with us by manufacturing a range of industrial components that meet and exceed your expectations.

Your Go-To Source for Wholesale Industrial Fastener Solutions

We are prepared to work with any industry to establish fully customized VMI solutions. We install a vending machine within your workplace stocked with everything you need, and we make sure that you never run out of stock again. The inventory management is entirely streamlined and individualized to meet your unique needs. Industries that utilize our VMI systems include:
  • Automotive
  • OEMs and other manufacturers
  • Construction
  • And many more

Get Started with BW Industrial Sales Today

BW Industrial Sales supplies you with the exact industrial washers or other heavy-duty fasteners that you need the moment that you need them. Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about how we can help you build a more effective manufacturing or construction operation. 

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