Epoxy Adhesives

Industrial epoxy is a type of polymer adhesive used to glue two materials together in manufacturing assemblies, construction applications, and more. Industrial-strength all-purpose epoxies are a great addition to any job site, providing versatile and long-lasting bonding even in high-temperatures or tough environments.

BW Industrial Sales is the top general-purpose epoxy supplier for industrial facilities. Whether you’re binding sub-floors in commercial construction, gluing details to larger assemblies, or reinforcing an industrial fastener, we’ll make sure you have the epoxies you need to complete your job within budget and without delay. Explore our options for adhesives and sealants, then start your order.

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Infinity Bond All-Purpose Epoxy Glue

Infinity Bond is a leading manufacturer of industrial-strength general-purpose epoxy adhesives, and BW Industrial Supplies is your trusted epoxy supplier. We make sure that you have the epoxies you need to complete your job, providing industrial epoxy adhesives for plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, and more. Add tensile strength, increased weatherability, and other features by choosing an epoxy glue for your bonding work.

Features of Infinity Bond General Purpose Epoxies

General-purpose epoxy adhesives are great choices for a variety of applications. They offer many advantages to your assembly or other industrial project:
  • Ability to quickly create high-strength bonds
  • Waterproof
  • Cost-effective option for budget-conscious facilities
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Works well for connecting many materials and substrates
  • Quick curing times

Industrial Epoxy for Metal, Wood, and Plastic Assemblies

Epoxy glue is a versatile adhesive that works for an extensive range of industrial assemblies, jobs, and manufacturing applications looking to bond plastic, wood, or metal materials together. A few examples include:
  • Anchoring for railing, rebar, bolts, and more
  • Bonding and coating aerospace components, residential construction, and more
  • Concrete repair
  • Manufacturing or repairing marine vessels and watercraft
  • And much more!

BW Industrial Sales is Your Top Industrial-Strength Epoxy Supplier

BW Industrial Sales is changing how North American OEMs and manufacturers purchase industrial supplies. Our team works with you to build a fully custom VMI solution. We strive to provide standardized orders tailored to your workflows, reduce the number of necessary purchase orders, and deliver a high-quality, low-stress purchasing experience. From all-purpose epoxies to hardware and beyond, we are ready to be your full-service stocking partner.

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