Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs provide industrial materials such as rivets, metric fasteners, anchors, and other supplies in vending machines within industrial businesses. VMI solutions help keep industrial spaces organized and running efficiently through seamless and uninterrupted supply chains.

When BW Industrial Sales noticed a clear need for an inventory management system to streamline processes, we developed our VMI Plus program. We procure the products, manage the inventory, and restock as needed. We handle everything to save you time and money, including on-site inventory management services.

The Industry’s Most Robust & Powerful Vendor Management Program

BW Industrial Sales is changing how American, Canadian, and other manufacturers manage and procure their critical industrial hardware and supplies. Our industrial VMI program reduces costs, tracks inventory, increases productivity, and decreases waste.

Furthermore, we’re ready to make you a “Never Out of Stock” guarantee. We mirror your inventory in our in-house floor stock. When an expedited need arises, we can easily find and deliver the supplies you need through overnight shipping. Online orders are processed within sixty minutes, and you will have your parts the very next day. Never run out of products again with BW Industrial’s VMI Plus program.

Customer Managed Inventory Solutions

If you prefer more control over your inventory management solutions, BW Industrial Sales will help set up and implement a Customer Managed Inventory (CMI) system. We will set up the bins, labels, bar codes, and then you manage the inventory and ordering. You have the hands-on management while still digitally alerting us when you need to restock.

Alternative Inventory Management Solutions for Industrial Components

While we’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with BW Industrial’s VMI Plus program, we understand you may look for alternative inventory management solutions for your industrial business. To that end, we offer custom inventory management programs:
  • Supplier Managed Programs
  • Supplier Owned Inventory Management
  • AUTO Replenish Automatic Restocking
  • And more.

We can create a custom inventory management solution to meet your goals and satisfy your budget requirements, no matter your production needs.

Never Run Out of Stock with BW Industrial’s Inventory Management Services

Our customers have complete production protection in their manufacturing environment with BW Industrial’s “Never Out of Stock” experience through traditional inventory management strategies, innovative technological tools, and a commitment to passionate customer service.

If you want to learn more about BW Industrial Sales’ VMI Plus, CMI, or other inventory management solutions, please contact us or request a quote today! Our team is ready to help.



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