Thread Locking & Sealing Adhesive

Our Thread Locking and Sealing Adhesives are available in a vast selection of strengths to meet your application needs. All adhesives are made in the USA and perform best on parts that are clean, dry and free from oil and grease. The Low Strength Adhesive is a purple resin, designed for locking fasteners smaller than ¼” diameter and has a fixture cure speed of 20 minutes on steel. Our Medium Strength Adhesive is a blue resin for threaded fasteners that are ¼” in diameter or larger, and has a fixture cure speed on steel of 20 minutes. The Medium – High Strength Adhesive is a green resin, used for preassembled fasteners and has a fixture cure speed of 5 minutes. Our High Strength Adhesive is a red resin that is specially designed for controlled torque and resisting severe vibrations. This red-high strength thread locking and sealant adhesive has a fixture cure speed of 5 minutes on steel. Our Very High Strength Adhesive is a red resin for permanent assembly of bolts and studs up to 1” in diameter; and offers a fixture cure speed of 10-30 minutes. The strongest thread locking and sealing adhesive is a Very High Strength-Red Adhesive designed to permanently secure bolts and studs that are 1” or larger in diameter; with a fixture cure time of 10-20 minutes. All thread locking sealants and adhesives are recommended to be stored in cool environments that lack sunlight for proper storage.

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