Mil-Spec Machine Screws

Mil-spec machine screws are manufactured to meet uncompromising military guidelines. They feature a consistent diameter throughout the entire shaft length and are designed to be used with nuts, other internally threaded mil-spec fasteners, or pre-tapped holes. They are versatile fasteners used in assemblies, to secure machine components or appliances, and much more.

BW Industrial Sales offers a wide selection of military hardware that is DFAR-compliant, tested, and certified to all military standards. We offer free manufacturer’s certifications with every order. Our military-grade machine screws are USA-made, QSLD-qualified, and available in an extensive range of sizes, styles, types, and materials.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your military manufacturing operations through high-quality mil-spec machine screws and other bulk military hardware.

Mil-Spec Machine Screws to Match Your Exact Specifications

All fasteners installed in assemblies used in USA military operations must meet strict mil-spec guidelines to ensure continuity across applications. To meet both your quality requirements and standardization needs, we offer many mil-spec machine screws to ensure complete uniformity. Options include:
  • Steel, 18-8 stainless steel, or 300-series stainless steel materials
  • Black oxide, cadmium, or plain finishes
  • Variety of diameters
  • Lengths from 3/32” to 3”
  • UNC or UNF thread types
  • Fillister, flat, or pan heads
  • Phillips or slotted drives
We also offer standard machine screws and custom manufacturing services for specialty defense assemblies that do not need to match exact mil-spec guidelines. Call 626-358-1836 to speak with a highly trained representative. We’ll discuss your options and find the best components for your manufacturing needs.

Steel Mil-Spec Machine Screws

Steel mil-spec machine screws are ready to ship made from high-quality steel and cadmium finishes. Cadmium finishes help your mil-spec screws resist damage from fiction or wear, corrosion, and others. They provide durable performances for competitive prices in any mil-spec assembly.

Stainless Steel Mil-Spec Machine Screws

Stainless steel mil-spec machine screws deliver excellent and durable performances in defense and military assemblies. They are resistant to corrosion, stand up to a variety of environmental factors, and add aesthetic appeal to any project. We offer options constructed from 18-8 or 300-series stainless steel, and your best choice will depend on the needs of your planned use.

BW Industrial Sales is the Top Choice for Military OEMs & Manufacturers

Your satisfaction is BW Industrial Sales’ #1 priority. From custom-made VMI solutions that tailor your orders to your unique inventory needs to unparalleled product knowledge and beyond, we are ready to be your full-service partner for any industrial supply need.

If you have any questions or concerns about mil-spec machine screws, other military-grade fasteners, or any other manufacturing parts and tooling, please contact our experienced and qualified BW Industrial Sales staff.
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