All Aluminum Standard Blind Rivets

Aluminum blind rivets, also called pop rivets, are used to fasten two surfaces together when only one side of the assembly is accessible. From small electronics to steel beams, industrial aluminum alloy pop rivets provide comprehensive fastening capabilities and add corrosion resistance to any application.

BW Industrial Sales is your top source for high-quality wholesale aluminum pop rivets. Our team always goes the extra mile to provide you with the industrial supplies you need. Our decades of combined experience allow us to expertly navigate supply chains to deliver the industry’s best products on time, every time. Using advanced inventory management processes, we ensure you will never run out of stock again.

Contact us today to discover how BW Industrial Sales can support your OEM or other manufacturing operation through great products, prompt service, and other capabilities.

In-Stock Industrial Aluminum Pop Rivets

No matter your needs, BW Industrial Sales has the inventory and services to complete any order. We offer an extensive range of head sizes, finishes, diameters, and lengths to ensure that your wholesale industrial blind rivets meet every specification. Don’t see the exact aluminum pop rivet you need to complete your job? No problem. We offer custom manufacturing services to match specialty requirements.

Black Anodized Aluminum Blind Rivets

If your final product or assembly will be used in a rugged environment or be exposed to corrosive conditions, then black anodized aluminum pop rivets are an excellent choice. Blind rivets made from black anodized aluminum alloy are also applicable for projects requiring advanced electrical insulation.

Aluminum Countersunk Blind Rivets

As the name suggests, aluminum countersunk blind rivets are best used in countersunk holes. Once installed, they are flush to the surface, making these aluminum alloy pop rivets applicable to sliding tracks, rollers, and similar final products.

Aluminum Dome Head & Dome Head with White Body Pop Rivets

Dome head aluminum pop rivets and dome head with white body aluminum alloy pop rivets are in stock and ready to ship. These are ideal options for joining low-density materials, such as fixing exterior composite panels. They are easy to install and provide a strong, vibration-resistant hold.

Large Head Pop Rivets Made from Aluminum Alloy

Large head blind rivets create a larger surface area than other rivet sizes and configurations, enhancing fastening capabilities with extra resistance. They are useful when joining softer materials with hard materials, such as attaching leather, rubber, or plastic to harder surfaces or substrates.

Wholesale Aluminum Pop Rivets for OEMs & Other Manufacturers

As an industrial OEM or other manufacturing operation, you require a supplier you can trust to deliver all products on time, as ordered, and without defects. BW Industrial Sales is that supplier. For over 30 years, we have kept your satisfaction at the center of everything we do, and we are ready to help you meet your industrial operation's evolving and growing needs through high-quality supplies. In addition to aluminum alloy pop rivets, we also offer:Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your manufacturing operation. Request a quote to receive pricing and timeline estimates specific to your order.
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