Screws are a type of fastener used to secure two or more materials together. Available in many shapes and sizes, screws contain a helical ridge and a head used to drive the screw into the desired materials.

BW Industrial Sales carries a wide variety of domestic and imported screws in metric and imperial sizes. Our extensive inventory selection includes multiple finishes, including zinc, stainless steel (SS), plain steel, black oxide, hot-dipped galvanized, and more.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Screws in Stock

Available Screws & Threaded Fasteners

Cabinet Screws

Cabinet screws are used to secure cabinetry together or to fix cabinets to drywall. We stock cabinet screws made of 18-8 stainless steel, black oxide, zinc-plating, and nickel-plating finishes.

Cap Screws, Hex

Hex cap screws feature a hexagon head and come fully or partially threaded.

Concrete Screws

Concrete screws use their own threads to cut into masonry and concrete. They are perfect for heavy-duty construction and firm placement applications.

Deck and Drywall Screws

Deck screws are common coarse threads with sharp piercing points suited for outdoor woodwork and pressure-treated lumber. Drywall screws securely hold drywall or other weak surfaces or studs with coarse, fine, self-drilling, and hi-lo threads.

Dowel Screws

Dowel screws are headless fasteners similar to studs with a helical thread used to fasten two pieces of wood together.

Drive Screws

Drive screws are designed to be used with a hammer. They are often used to fasten castings together.

Eye Screws

Eye screws have a loop-like head which allows for easy tightening. The loop provides a surface area used for grip so a tool is not required for fastening.

Flange Screws

Flange screws contain a hex head with either a serrated or non-serrated bottom to be used in the absence of a washer.

Hex Jack Screws

Jack screws are a type of jack controlled by a lead screw. They are commonly used to lift heavy weights and are available in 303 stainless steel, steel zinc, steel zinc yellow finish, and many other materials.

Lag Screws

Lag screws are generally used with wood and in heavy lumber applications. They are available in various styles, materials, specs, and sizes to best meet your needs.

Machine Screws

Machine screws are used with partnering nuts for fastening metal parts and materials together. They come in many sizes, head types, drives, materials, and finishes.

Self-Drilling Screws

Self-drilling/Tek screws eliminate the need for pre-drilling a hole due to their specially designed “drill bit” point.

Self-Piercing Screws

Like self-drilling/Tek screws, self-piercing screws do not require a pre-drilled hole and are often used in roofing applications.

Self-Tapping Screws

Also known as sheet metal screws, self-tapping screws are used in a wide variety of applications and are stocked in types A, B, AB, and U drive.

Sems Screws

SEMS screws are machine screws that have pre-attached lock washers to save time during assembly.

Socket Screws

Also called socket cap screws or Allen head screws, socket screws require a key to tighten and remove. Our stock is manufactured to ASME B18.3 specifications and is DFAR compliant.

Thread-Cutting Screws

Thread-cutting screws use a sharp cutting tip to create the mating thread in materials that aren’t already threaded and stocked in types 1, 23, 25, and F.

Thread-Rolling Screws

Thread-rolling screws are a type of self-tapping screw that press against the wall of a hole to displace the material and create threads.

Thumb and Wing Screws

Thumb and wing screws are used in hand-turning applications. They are useful when strong torque is not required. Our stock includes cold-forged and stamped styles.

Weld Screws

Weld screws are used to permanently weld into a metal surface. We offer weld screws made from three styles of plain steel material.

Wood Screws

Wood screws are ideal for wood applications. They come standard with coarse threads, sharp points, and an unthreaded shoulder.


Threaded Screws for Any Industrial Application

Screws are a necessary part of any construction application, from at-home repair projects to large-scale commercial operations. Each attachment in a finished product requires a fastener. Few fasteners are as versatile, durable, and cost-effective as a simple screw.
In the past, our threaded screws have been used in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Construction

  • Xtreme Sports

  • Automotive

  • Manufacturing

  • Military & Defense

  • And more.

Custom Manufactured Screws & Industrial Fasteners

If your application requires a more specialized heavy-duty screw than one of our wholesale off-the-shelf options, we offer custom manufactured screws and other industrial fasteners. We’ll work with your specifications to create a unique industrial fastener to meet your requirements.


VMI Solutions for Industrial Screws at Wholesale Prices

Having the industrial screws that you need, exactly when you need them, is a necessity. That’s why BW Industrial Sales offers fully customized VMI solutions. We provide ready-to-go industrial fasteners and other needed inventory within your workplace. Our highly effective inventory management process guarantees that you will never run out of stock again.

We are committed to delivering high-level customer service along with the industry’s best threaded screws and industrial fasteners. Request a quote on screws specific to your application, or contact us for more information. Our team is ready to be your complete commercial and industrial supply source.

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