Metric Fasteners

Metric fasteners vary from standard fasteners to the degree of how they are measured.  They use the metric system and are measured to the nearest millimeter. Measurements are specified for diameter, pitch and length. 

Features of Metric Fasteners

BW Industrial Sales is your one stop supplier for metric fasteners.  We carry a wide variety of types and sizes in many different finishes including; Stainless Steel, Plain Steal, Zinc and Yellow zinc, Black oxide and more.  

Can’t find the size you are looking for?

Request a quote on fasteners specific to your application, or contact BW Industrial Sales for more information.   

Stocked Metric Fasteners include:

Carriage Bolts

Our carriage bolts come with a rounded head and a square shoulder to prevent turning followed with a threaded section for a nut

Electronic Hardware

BW Industrial Sales offers a variety of metric electronic fasteners including; Clinch Nuts, Clinch Studs and Standoffs

Hex Cap Screws

Bolt with a hexagonal head and threaded body.  We stock both full threaded and partially threaded bolts with a diameter of M4 to M24

Hex Flange Bolts & Screws

Hex Falange Bolts have a hexagonal head with a circular flange underneath acting a substitute for a washer and distributes the lead of the bolt.  They are often used in the auto industry and can be purchased with or without serrated teeth underneath the washer. 

Machine Screws

Metric Machine Screws can be used with nuts or screwed directly into a threaded material to fasten multiple components together. 


BW Industrial Sales offers a variety of metric nuts including, cage nuts, coupling nuts, square nuts, hex nuts, domed hex cap nuts, lock nuts, weld nuts and wing nuts


Our metric pins are slotted with a thermal black finish they come in diameters ranging from M2 to M8

Rivet Nuts

Rivet nuts are internally threaded and inserted into thin material when you only have access to one side.  They are paired with screws and bolts.  Our rivet nuts come with an aluminum or yellow zinc finish

Sems Screws

SEMS screws are machine screws with an added washer or lock washer.  This helps save time when fastening them into a material in which a washer would be needed. 

Sockets- Hex & Six-Lobe

BW Industrial Sales stock socket cap, flat head and button head socket screws.  they have a hexagonal drive which requires an Allen wrench to tighten.  Our six lobe screws refer to the drive style which imitates the shape of a star.

Thread Forming/Rolling Screws

Thread Forming and Rolling Screws press against the material they are being drilled into and displace the material therefore forming thread. 


Washers are used under the head of a bolt or screw to displace weight baring surface and prevent damage to the material  

Wing Screws

A wing screw or thumb screw has two wings like feature on the head of the screw which makes it easier to tighten and loosen the screw with just the use of one’s hand. 

Woodworking Screws

Wood working screws have a sharp point at one end and are used to secure two pieces of wood together.  They typically have an unthreaded shank just below the head

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