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Super Alloy Fasteners Material Sourcing

When it comes to selecting materials that offer unparalleled performance in the most challenging environments, Super Alloys undoubtedly top the list. At BW Industrial Sales, we recognize the necessity of these robust materials in various industrial applications and are dedicated to providing top-tier Super Alloy fasteners that fit your precise requirements.


Why Opt for Super Alloy Fasteners?

Exceptional Strength: Super Alloys are renowned for their outstanding mechanical strength, making them a natural choice for heavy-duty applications.

Temperature Resilience: Their high-temperature resistance ensures that they retain their properties even under intense heat, a vital trait for aerospace and gas turbine engines.

Corrosion Resistant: These alloys stand strong against corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance needs.


Popular Super Alloys & Their Applications

Here's a deeper look at some widely used Super Alloys:

  • Stellite: A non-magnetic cobalt-chromium alloy, Stellite is celebrated for its wear resistance and corrosion resilience, making it the go-to material for cutting tools, valves, and pumps.
  • Waspalloy: Designed for high-temperature environments, this age-hardening high nickel-based alloy is often used in gas turbines due to its superior strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Maraging Alloys: Predominantly used in aerospace and defense, these carbon-free iron alloys containing up to 25% nickel boast exceptional strength through age hardening.
  • R Alloys: These nickel-based alloys retain remarkable strength between 1200 - 1800°F, a feature that makes them a prime choice for gas turbines and nuclear reactors.
  • S Alloys: Popular in the chemical processing sector and offshore oil and gas production, these high alloy austenitic stainless steels resist acids, stress corrosion cracking, pitting, and crevice corrosion with ease.
  • I Alloys: With their distinctively low coefficient of thermal expansion, I alloys find use in electronic components, optical systems, and thermostats.
  • N Alloys: This set of nickel-iron alloys, characterized by their exceptionally low coefficients of thermal expansion, is sought after for applications such as glass-to-metal seals, electronic components, and sensors.

Specialty Super Alloys

At BW Industrial Sales, we also offer:

  • Titanium Alloys: Known for their high strength-to-weight ratio and exceptional corrosion resistance, they are commonly used in aerospace, medical, and marine applications.
  • Invar: An iron-nickel alloy with a uniquely low coefficient of thermal expansion. Perfect for precision instruments, clocks, and other devices where stability under temperature changes is crucial.
  • MP35N: A nickel-cobalt-based alloy that exhibits an unparalleled combination of strength, ductility, toughness, and resistance to corrosion, especially in marine environments or petrochemical industries.
  • Rene Alloys: Predominantly used in jet engine and turbine components due to their exceptional fatigue and creep resistance.
  • Haynes Alloys: These are corrosion-resistant and are used extensively in aerospace, industrial, and automotive applications.
  • Elgiloy: A cobalt-chromium-nickel alloy, it’s recognized for its combination of high strength, ductility, and good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.
  • Kovar: With a thermal expansion similar to glass, it's utilized in hermetic seals, between metals and glass or ceramics.
  • Permalloy: A nickel-iron magnetic alloy, it's primarily used in transformer cores due to its high magnetic permeability and low core loss.

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At BW Industrial Sales, our team is always on hand to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you procure the best Super Alloy fasteners for your project. Whether you're in aerospace, chemical processing, or any other industry where durability and resilience are paramount, trust in our expertise and product range. Reach out today for a consultation tailored to your specific needs.


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