Nylon Fasteners

Nylon 6/6 is the most popular type of polyamide for manufacturers’ plastic applications. Nylon material is non-conductive to electricity; making nylon fasteners perfect for electronics, carpet fibers, bearings, gears, conveyer belts, electro- insulation, and electrical current isolation. Another benefit of using Nylon compared to metal fasteners is the resistance to rust for applications with oil, fuel, and most solvents and chemicals. Type 6/6 is known for its abrasion resistance and offers a high melting point and tensile strength. When compared to aluminum, nylon 6/6 has a greater wearing rate. Nylon Fasteners are made by injection moldings and extrusions allowing coloring capabilities to match the color of your finished application.

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Stocked Nylon Fasteners include:

Nylon Anchors

Nylon anchors provide good chemical resistance and a secure hold for light-duty applications. Types available include nylon 6/6- hammer drive anchors, bantam plugs, fluted anchors, one-step wallboard anchors, ribbed and tapered anchors, and nylon toggle anchors. 

Nylon Cable Clamps

Standard (3/8” wide contact area) and Heavy duty (1/2” wide contact area) nylon cable clamps are available for securing wiring and cable with confidence.

Nylon Cable Ties

Cable ties are available in U/V black and a natural nylon finish with maximum tensile strength capabilities.

Nylon Machine Screws

Machine screws are designed for installing and being secured into a pre-tapped hole (often metal) or commonly mated with nut fasteners. Type 6/6 Nylon Machine Screws are ready-to-ship in a large selection of sizes, types, finishes and other specifications.

Nylon Hex Nuts

Hex nuts are 6-sided, internally threaded fasteners most commonly mated with a bolt or other threaded fastener for securing materials together. Nylon Type 6/6 Hex Nuts are stocked in a wide variety of specifications.

Nylon Rivets/ Drive Pins

Rivets and drive pins fasten materials together by flaring out the ends and expanding during installation, creating a secure lock. Type 6/6 Nylon Rivets and Nylon Drive Pins are ready-to-ship in a vast amount of types, styles, and specifications including Nylon & Steel combination capabilities offering nylon drive rivets with carbon steel pins.

Nylon Spacers

Spacers are unthreaded, for applications needing to fill a specific distance and complete the connections between components. Nylon Type 6/6 Spacers are available in hex and round types, with a wide range of sizes and other specifications.

Nylon Standoffs

Standoffs are used to create space, and often assist in the positioning of two objects. Type 6/6 Nylon Standoffs are ready-to-ship in hex and rounds types, with a large selection of sizes and specifications for your application.

Nylon Washers

Washers distribute pressure when fastened and create a locking mechanism for your application. Washers are also great for small spacing solutions or to prevent wear on the materials surface. Type 6/6 Nylon Washers provide good resistance to most chemicals and are ready-to-ship in standard flat and shoulder washer styles with a vast amount of sizes and specs.

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